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Cymax would like to share our technology expertise and insight with current and future customers. The Cymax website is the place to get free tech resources on a variety of cutting edge subjects that matter to your business. These resources will include Thought Leader articles, White Papers and the ever popular ‘10 key things’ outlines. Topics will cover Managed Services, Cloud Computing, BYOD and Online Back-up’s, to name just a few. We hope you enjoy these resources, be sure to feedback with your thoughts and requests.

Welcome to our latest technology resource document featuring information on using technology to enhance business productivity:

Using the Cloud to Increase Business Productivity
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Business Solutions, Productivity, Cloud Benefits, Technology Tools, IT Eficiency.

To be competitive, dynamic and successful, business policy makers need engaged and highly productive employees executing on goals that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. Also, smart business leaders should ensure that technology is leveraged to drive and enhance productivity. Using technology to maximize your business productivity creates the platform to fully realize business success.

So, how does the business owner and executive increase their business’s productivity and keep employees happy and motivated at the same time?

Sean Dendle of Cymax offers insight into -‘Using the Cloud to Increase Business Productivity’. Cymax are Cloud specialists, from getting you on the right track with a Cloud readiness audit, through fast-track implementation to ongoing end to end management to ensure your business continues to see all the benefits of working in the Cloud.

Read or Download the full Cloud Productivity Article

Welcome to our  technology resource document featuring information on Bring your own Device (BYOD):

Cymax – Top Ten Rules for BYOD
Keywords: BYOD, tablet, smartphone, security, privacy, content, mobile access, data, apps.

An Empowered is a happy employee is a productive employee. So it goes. Thus by taking the reins off staff members and allowing them to utilize their favourite device (whether it be Smartphone or Tablet, or both)wherever and whenever they want, they become more accessible, more engaged, moreresponsive and highly flexible. Cymbal wholeheartedly supports BYOD but it comes with its own set of challenges,( security and privacy to name but two). The key to BYOD success is to ensure ‘all your ducks are lined up’ before the rollout takes places. A sound BYOD strategy, preferably developed and maintained by a highly qualified ‘Business IT Specialist’ (like Cymax) will ensure you avoid the pitfalls and maximise the benefits. Sean Dendle of Cymax offers ‘10 Rules for BYOD’ to help you on the right path.

Read or Download the full BYOD Article

Cymax Project Methodology

Sound Project Management is fundamental to the success of any project and the attainment of ongoing client satisfaction. All Cymax projects are professionally managed to ensure cost-effective and timely outcomes are achieved, through *Consistency *Reliability* Predictability *Expertise and *Confidence. Cymax Project Methodology is based on our actual experience and leading practices used in successful projects to:

  • Collaborate to achieve
  • Minimise Implementation Risk
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Streamline Processes
  • Integrate Systems
  • Delivery Projects on time
  • To exceed expectations
  • Maximise business Continuity
  • Maximise Return on Investment
  • Deliver Absolute Piece of Mind

The Cymax Project Methodology ensures all areas of the project process are discussed and addressed and realistic expectations are set. This structured and proven methodology will allow the client to understand the process and direction of the project and requirements at all times.

With Cymax the solution is tailored to fit with your success in mind

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