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Imagine if your Managed Print Services partner took that little bit of extra time to review your needs with that little bit of extra detail to find the best fit for your organisation … not the best sale for the month.

Imagine a Managed Print Service partner knows how the equipment needs to be setup on your network environment so that it just works, one who will go the extra mile to setup the configuration defaults optimally configuration to save you money on your printing and paper costs.

Imagine having a partnership with an organisation that proactively review your consumption throughout the tenure of the agreement, not just when the contract is due. One that will proactively offer suggestions to improve how your using your equipment.

We know you’re already busy, imagine not having to manage multiple relationships with multiple manufacturers.

Isn’t that what Managed Print Services is supposed to be? We think so too.

Given Cymax’s extensive experience and longevity within the industry, we know what equipment works best, what equipment will be the most reliable in your environment and what vendors genuinely have your best interests as their primary focus.

Our Managed Print Services allows you to leverage what our team have learned over the 2+ decades in the industry.

Allow us to manage the devices for you – including any pre-existing agreements and finance contracts regardless of who the current supplier is and how long remains on the contract term.

By analysing your current usage and sitting down with you to understand your goals we’re able to tailor a plan to take control of your printing and photocopying costs, achieve your goals and work towards an efficient, paperlite environment.

Contact us on 1300 790 690 (option 2) and find out how we can help you work towards your paperless office utopia.

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