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Some choose to call it corporate social responsibility. Unfortunately, so often these days corporate social responsibility can be words on a page, or boxes that can be ticked. For us, it’s in our DNA. We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the community. We are open with our commercial clients about them knowing that part of the profits we make from them doing business with us go back into the community.
You will find a few of the organisations we have the privilege of supporting because you support us.

Opportunity International Australia’s philosophy is to create programs that empower communities out sustainably out of poverty. They ensure these communities are not dependant on continue funding from external sources.

They achieve this through providing small loans, to village entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs start a small business. Which empowers their family with a sustainable source of income. In some cases, the small business will employ other workers within the village which also sees this workers family have a sustainable source of income.

With certainty of income, these families have food and funds to send their children to school.

Cymax contributes a portion of our consulting fees to Opportunity’s microfinance programs.
Opportunity’s programs represent a “hand up” not a “hand-out”. Supporting families across India, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Ghana, these programs create a bridge to financial inclusion and community development for people living in poverty. We are proud to offer our ongoing support to their initiatives.

If you’d like to donate to Opportunity International Australia, please click here.

One of the incredible things about Help Enterprises is the diversity of services they offer to the community.

Help Enterprises has various divisions of services they provide. Some are social enterprise and some are commercial.

While they are passionate about the social enterprise and disability services they provide, their commercial divisions are able to generate a profit.

This diversity of revenue streams ensures longevity of the organisation and those within the community Help Enterprises exists to support.

Inala’s support and services is built on the philosophy is that each person has the ability and the right to impart meaning and direction to their own life. Inala supports this belief through relationships of openness, respect and collaboration to create opportunities that respond to the changing needs of the body, soul and spirit.

They (and we) believe that a community exists when people experience a sense of belonging, when people know each other, support each other and each person is enabled to contribute in his or her own way.

Click here to learn more about the wonderful services Inala provides.

Bayley House offers a warm, vibrant and close-knit community.

As a for-purpose organisation with experience spanning seven decades, the team at Bayley thrive on supporting the wellbeing of people with intellectual disability as they live, learn, create and belong.

Bailey help harness the individual talents, energy and enthusiasm to provide life skills, stimulating experiences and new opportunities through strengths-based and person-centred active support.

Bayley house’s purpose is for all people with intellectual disability to live the life they choose.

Whilst a lot of the organisations we support have a voice, not everyone in our community does. RSPCA is one such organisation.

Often the equipment that has run its life-cycle (or has been written off a balance sheet) in a commercial organisation still has value and can be donated to the RSPCA. 

Often when we do an equipment refresh, we will reach out to the RSPCA to see if the decommissioned equipment is of value to them.

In addition to equipment donations, they also appreciate once-off or monthly donations.

Aspirations4Kids in Sport (A4K) value the importance of investing in our Queensland school students and leveraging the huge role sport can play in improving the lives of thousands of Queenslanders annually. Through A4K, the youth of Queensland are given an opportunity to excel at sport where funding limitations, hardship, disabilities, chronic illness, or remote living issues would otherwise restrict them from achieving their full potential.  

Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane is a volunteer organisation whose mission is to save the lives of people in distress in Moreton Bay and surrounding areas. Our base is strategically located at Shorncliffe, adjacent to the Port of Brisbane and the Brisbane Airport. We provide a “first response” emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Volunteer crews maintain a vessel monitoring service every weekend & public holiday. We provided assistance to Government in Search and Rescue operations on the water. We assisted the boating community in general when in need, and returned them to safety. We helped in educating the community in general to water safety initiatives.

“Cymax has been instrumental in assisting VMR Brisbane in identifying aging infrastructure and systems.

Once these items were identified, Cymax further assisted in providing advice on a road map of which items needed to be addressed in a cost effective way with minimal impact to VMR Brisbane’s operations.

The Cymax team are exemplary in their advice and ability to assist in explaining the above to Committee Members of widely varying understanding of technology.

Once the changes started to roll out the Cymax Team have been with us every step of the way to address any issues as the arose in a very timely and friendly manner.

VMR Brisbane would highly recommend Cymax for your IT needs”.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved in supporting one of these wonderful organisations, we’d love to hear from you. Kindly complete the contact us form below, and we’d be happy to make an introduction.

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