Practice Evolve Cloud – the Integrated, Supported and Reliable Solution for Your Legal Practice


Practice Evolve is used by legal practices all around the world to streamline and automate internal processes, eliminate human error and improve productivity with a cost-effective practice management solution.

What if you could enhance your platform even further?

Imagine working with a Cloud Provider that has an established partnership with Practice Evolve, and that knows and understands the platform so well that they’ve designed a division within their Cloud environment to accommodate it.

At Cymax, we can move your Practice Evolve platform to a powerful Cloud-based solution that will give you a reliable network environment that you can access from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

With a deep understanding of the unique technological requirements of the legal industry, we can enrich your Practice Evolve software to help your firm leverage your investment by maximising performance and unit billables.

Contact Cymax today on 1300 790 690 to take your law firm to new heights and make your move to the Cloud.

Here’s how Cymax can help you

  • Gain those extra unit billables per week because Practice Evolve Cloud runs that little bit smoother
  • Integration with your whole practice including e-document management, together with Practice Evolve, ensuring maximum speed and reliability
  • Updates and maintenance coordinated harmoniously between Practice Evolve Cloud and your Cloud. Testing and QA performed to a standard QA checklist
  • Less time focused on your IT and more time available to work within the practice
  • Full Cloud to Keyboard support meaning your whole cloud experience is fully supported. From the computer your staff member is sitting at, the network switch, firewall, internet connection and Cloud Environment, it’s all covered. (no more pointing the finger!)
  • Proactive after-hours maintenance and testing
  • Data stored within Australia for regulatory compliance
  • On site as well as remote support
  • 3 independent carriers for connectivity
  • One phone call for Cloud, Phones, Internet, network and print
  • Link optimisation – profiling the data running over your Internet connection ensuring priority is given to your key online applications and systems

Your Practice Evolve Cloud has been engineered to ensure no single point of failure within the whole environment. Feedback from firms during the selection process emphasises how comprehensive and robust the environment is in comparison to others tendering for their business. Cymax carries this philosophy through in the design of your local network to achieve maximum uptime and reliability.

Also, once your Practice Evolve environment has been bedded in, you’ll receive that little bit of extra time reviewing your environment to ensure you’re maximising your productivity within the Cloud and minimising the risk of your firm experiencing an outage due to a single point of failure with your local network infrastructure and Internet connection.

Cymax monitors important Practice Evolve Cloud key metrics to ensure availability and Key Performance Indicators for your firm’s IT/Cloud environment to ensure your infrastructure is available when needed. And, your dedicated team is on call 24×7 to remedy these issues should the arise.

Have a deadline at 4am to prepare legal documents for a court case and the printer has stopped working… it has happened before. 
Call our support desk and we’ll assist you to remedy the situation.



National on-site support where needed.

Would you like to have one contact who can support any of your offices nationally as well as your Cloud?

In addition to Cloud Services, you can access one phone number and one point of contact for an office anywhere within Australia and New Zealand.

Each red dot below represents a service centre where Cymax have on-site resources available to support your office.

national service