Cloud Computing Brisbane

Cymax was one of the earliest adopters of cloud computing in Australia. We’ve been providing this convenient service to businesses since 2002 – so we’re well-placed to help you migrate, update or maintain your current services within the cloud.

There are many benefits to cloud computing. It’s quick to deploy, safe and secure, and also boasts many cost savings. Free up precious floor space otherwise used for servers, enable staff to work remotely yet freely collaborate, and you can relax knowing you’re using the latest software versions as Cymax conveniently manages the necessary updates – with little disruption to your workplace.

Cloud computing is flexible as it can be scaled up as you grow or your project requirements change – often without needing to purchase or change your software licenses.

The benefits far outweigh staying with traditional server solutions that can be slow, unreliable and expensive to run and maintain. The Cymax team are experts in migrating and managing cloud software.


Cloud solutions – cost effective & seamlessly integrated

Cymax offers different cloud packages – allowing you to access your data anywhere, at any time, from any device.

With Greentree Cloud and the Phoenix Cloud, synchronisation between different devices happens easily and effortlessly. All your Business Intelligence Applications (BI applications) are housed in one portal. It’s also a cost effective solution as there are fewer unexpected costs – just a fixed monthly investment. With cloud computing, your business will become more agile, scalable and effective, without additional capital expenditures.

We can also assist you should you wish to integrate additional Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics tools such as Exchange, Sharepoint, Live Meeting and Office, as well as fully integrated CRM and ERP systems.

Other benefits include:

  •  Access using tablet, smartphone, laptop
  • Android, iOS, Windows, MAC
  • 100% supported
  • Access from anywhere
  • Access from any device
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise grade security
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Australian data centre
  • Data sovereignty


Greentree Cloud Essentials
  • Greentree Cloud
  • Webstore
  • eCRM
  • Webview
  • eService
  • EHR
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Daily Backups
  • Secure remote access

Plus a nominal setup

Phoenix Cloud Business Essentials
  • Greentree Cloud Essentials
  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Phoenix Cloud Business Web Hosting
  • Email Continuity

You can sync your contacts, appointments and email with your smartphone

Phoenix Cloud Business Comprehensive
  • Phoenix Cloud Business Essentials
  • High Availability
  • Email Archiving
    (for up to 10 years)
  • Web content filtering
  • Phoenix Cloud Premium Web Hosting
  • DNS

Optional Microsoft Access $5.10ex GST /user/month


The Phoenix Cloud and Greentree Cloud means you have the ability to access your Greentree Cloud ERP solution from anywhere and any device, and benefit from the processing power and performance of a cloud solution.

Call us today on 1300 790 690 or email us so you can start enjoying the enhanced benefits of cloud computing.


“Being in the cloud meant exponential gains in our situation”

Chris Kirkby Artdeco Creations


“We knew moving to the Cloud with Cymax would save us dollars on operating costs, but I would also say it’s great to no longer have any concerns over data loss due to natural or man-made disasters; what’s more we’ve become more productive, as we can access vital information securely from anywhere.”

Gavin McDonald, Director, Time Sentry Solutions