Retail sale events make it easy for Cyber criminals

Retail sale events make it easy for Cyber criminals

We are all too familiar with all the different retail sale events that happen throughout the year – Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Boxing day to name a few. Amazon Prime Day is no different. Promises of huge savings across a whole range of goods (for those who are a member of Amazon Prime*).

However, we do not seem to be the only ones who want to score big these sales. These types of sales are prime targets for Cyber criminals – preying on eager shoppers who are ready to jump at any good deal they see. How? Through emails. “Check Point said it has [already] seen a 37% jump in Amazon-related phishing attacks at the start of July.” (

With an influx of marketing material, these types of phishing emails can be easily missed during the lead up to the sales but with an observant eye, you should be able to spot the difference which will help keep you and your information safe.

So how do you go about protecting yourself and your information during Amazon Prime Day or any day or in fact any day? An article in Tech Republic – which you can read here –  has outlined a few strategies that can help you find the threat attack emails, and ensure you only click on the correct emails.

  1. Watch for spelling errors
  2. Check it’s HTTPS or look for a lock symbol
  3. Give out as little information as possible
  4. Make sure you have a strong password
  5. Steer clear of public networks
  6. Keep an eye open for bargains that “sound too good to be true”
  7. “Use your credit card”


If you would like to read further on how to spot a phishing email, click the link to find out more.



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