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Is Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Attack?

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Is Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Attack?

Nowadays, B2C and B2B transactions are made easier because of the Internet. Reaching out to your target market has never been this easy as well. However, in as much as there is a multitude of benefits from internet connectivity in this digital age, we cannot dismiss the fact that with these advantages come the disadvantages too. One of which and probably the most common of them all is the threat of cyber attack.

Cyber attack poses a real danger to any business, whether small, mid-size, or big. It could hamper operations temporarily or even for a long period of time. It could also affect productivity in the workplace. This is why companies these days feel the need to hire professional IT companies to prevent these occurrences and ensure that they are well-prepared for the onset of such predicament. It is important that businesses make well-informed choices with regards to their approach to cyber security.

Therefore, the big challenge is for companies to determine the necessary measures they need to undertake to protect themselves. But before they do so, they need to assess their current system first and ask themselves this – “Is our business vulnerable to cyber attack?”

While the truth of the matter is that even big businesses with the most secured networks have their own vulnerabilities, here are a few steps to consider in assessing your business’s vulnerability to cyber attack:

Determine the system of your business operation

Your security strategy must be aligned with how you conduct your business, focusing on your organization and your customer’s privacy. It is important to have a good understanding of your business process as a whole – from marketing, procurement, human resource to accounting, to be able to identify the necessary approach to cyber security.

Identify your applications and data sources that are wired to the Internet

If your business relies heavily on email usage, you might want to consider regularly updating your anti-virus. Malwares are usually gotten from email attachments or downloads that steal or destroy files from your computer. It is important that companies are aware of all the applications and even the devices in their organization that are connected to the web. This will enable them to pinpoint the possible access points of cyber attackers.

Identify the security measures that are already being implemented

For you to be able to know how vulnerable your business is to cyber attack, you have to know if there are already preventive security measures in place in case a security breach occurs. If there are, it is important to know if these are effective stopgap measures that can immediately detect a breach or an attack before it completely destroys your system.

Conduct regular vulnerability scans

There are IT companies in Brisbane who can offer you services like this in case your company does not have the necessary resources for such.

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