cloud computing brisbane 

5 cloud computing trends for business operations

cloud computing brisbane 

5 cloud computing trends for business operations

Cloud computing hasbecome more social and it will soon become an integral part of every business activity irrespective of industry. The future of cloud computing is certain, and it is evident that it will have a significant effect on business operations. Let us walk you through the facts that prove the growing needs of cloud-enabled tools.
1. Adoption of cloud computing

Cloud computing has experienced incredible gains over the past few years. Today almost a quarter of companies already usea cloud based application. Cloud computing is on its way to becoming the preferred technology supporting companies around the globe.

2. Mobile based cloud computing

Smartphones are having a major impact on businesses as they replacelarger devices and people are getting more used to this change. The flexibility of anytime and anywhere is the key trait makingcloud based applications more convenient for users. Many companies are realising the importance of mobile friendly cloud based applications. Experts in this field predict that more than one third of Business Intelligence (BI) functionality will be consumed by an array of handheld devices.

3. The cloud will become more global

Due to its unique features companies, all over the world, are benefitting from cloud based applications and tools. Cloud services continue to evolve and with a higher possibility of collaboration and communication across the world. It has the capacity to operate effortlessly across multiple locations across the world. It also provides provisions like multi-currency financial tools and multi-lingual interfaces among many others

4. Companies become more frictionless

Breaking down barriers with access to accurate information and making communication easier, cloud computing is a saviour for internal communications between departments or employees, and also externally between customer service and customers. When companies get over these obstacles, it helps them to lose the friction which slowed down their crucial functions. The two main cloud-enabled tools, automated supply chains and dashboards are on the verge of making companies go ‘frictionless’.

5. Collaborating with social tools

Today users expect to have social tools such as chat and micro-blogging to improve collaborations. As people get started using these tools, they come to appreciate these tools and prefer them overtheir email accountsfor communicating with fellow employees and customers.

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