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Leverage the flexibility of cloud computing to boost staff efficiency, raise security and increase your business’s agility.

Did you know that you can practically run your entire organisation from within the Cloud? Almost all of your applications are compatible.

This important element goes a long way to providing you and your business with a solid foundation for business agility, flexibility and disaster recovery.
We can help you enable your business to run entirely within the cloud by putting all the necessary pieces of cloud computing together. With over 18 years in the industry you can partner with one of the pioneering Australian cloud providers.

Cymax’s integrated cloud solutions are built from the foundation to provide greater security and reliability than traditional server solutions. It’s ideal if you’re a medium size organisation or a small business planning to grow. With the added benefit of enterprise grade reliability, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ve selected the right cloud service providers.

Did you know? Cloud computing has been around for a lot longer than the marketers have labelled it ‘the cloud?’(see here)
In 2002 Cymax was providing what is now called cloud computing services to Brisbane businesses and organisations across Australia. It is really only now that internet consumer connections, business private networks and software has matured enough for it to be viable. Most of this technology has been available to major corporations under the (more technical) terminology for a lot longer. Nevertheless the technology is mature and there are vast benefits to an organisation for partnering with cloud computing providers.


Cloud Computing solutions from Cymax can help your organisation:

Achieve economies of scale:

Cloud computing can provide your business with great economies of scale often only seen in enterprise systems and infrastructure.

Access the right talent for your business from a global talent pool

No longer are you restricted to hiring from your region. Your staff can access the cloud from anywhere they have an internet connection – worldwide. This opens your business to the opportunity of a global talent pool.

Streamline processes:

Get more work done. Increase staff efficiency. With integrated and centralised systems, cloud solutions can increase your organisation’s overall efficiency. Increase your capacity and produce greater results and productivity with the same number of staff.

Reduce capital costs

Cloud Computing removes the need for excessive upfront capital investment allowing you to better leverage your capital in other areas of your business;

Monitor projects more effectively:

With integrated and centralised systems comes better reporting. Achieve near real time reporting with analytics software. By enabling your staff to input their data into centralised systems, your organisation is better equipped to report (and make business decisions) on up to the second information that historically took weeks to compile.

Scale up and scale down as required:

If your organisation regularly scales up for short-medium term projects and scales back to a core team, cloud computing provides greater enablement by only paying for the software licenses used for the months those extra staff are using the cloud.

Less personnel training is needed:

With streamlined processes and cloud computing it takes fewer people to do more work. You also have the added benefit with a minimal (or no) learning curve on hardware and software.

Minimise licensing new software:

Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.

Increase business agility:

You can adjust the direction of your business without serious HR or financial challenges. This also goes for the software provided as part of the cloud solution.

Other benefits of Cloud Computing include:
Reduction of operating costs

✓ Reduced energy consumption
✓ Less expensive in terms of internal staff to manage the remainder of your systems
✓ Less cost and complexity in terms of doing both routine computing tasks and tasks that require more horsepower;
✓ Reduces your business’s carbon footprint
✓ Potentially reduce support and maintenance costs through transitioning legacy systems to new systems


✓ Your organisation can save time and reduce set-up. Due to the nature of cloud computing you no longer have to wait for new equipment to arrive before setup making. The install process of the software within the cloud is also reduced making  it functionally faster than traditional server infrastructure.
✓ Your investment to transition to Cloud Computing requires very little in terms of hardware or software within your office.


✓ Designed from the bottom up for maximum network performance, delivering increased application availability than conventional IT infrastructure
✓ Greater flexibility and availability of shared information within your organisation
✓ Enables collaboration for your business from anywhere in the world


✓ With cloud solutions, the potential for failure is reduced. The failure of one node of a system in a cloud environment will have no impact on overall information availability and reducing the risk of perceivable downtime to your business and your staff.


✓ You can also use your office space more efficiently. That floor space used for your servers can now be used to increase your staff levels to grow your business, because cloud computing reduces the need for you to have a dedicated server room.

✓ Cloud servers are located in a commercial grade datacentre with backup generators and fire suppressant, giving you increased physical security. In some cases this is an overlooked yet substantial component of meeting your compliance requirements.


With over 18 years understanding Australian businesses’ IT requirements and a national network providing infrastructure support from the cloud all the way to the desktop, who better to look after your organisation’s cloud computing requirements than Cymax?

Cloud computing dovetailed with Cymax’s proactive IT Support provides you and your organisation with a dedicated, committed and reliable team that willingly goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Like to know more about how Cymax’s cloud solutions will benefit your organisation? Please fill out the contact us section on the right of this page or feel free to contact us on 1300 790 690.


✓ 99.9% guaranteed uptime
✓ Australian Datacentre
✓ Scalability
✓ Business continuity
✓ Collaborate efficiency
✓ Flexibility of work practices
✓ Data sovereignty
✓ Access to automatic updates
✓ Your data will live in a dedicated commercial grade Australian datacentre with redundant power, backup generators and redundant air-cooling

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Cloud Computing Success - Right


According to a survey from Microsoft:

51 percent of cloud users said that since moving to the cloud they spent less time
managing IT overall
50 percent of those companies also said they now have fewer internal IT resources
94 percent of SMBs have experienced security benefits as a result of cloud computing

You can read more about this below

Cloud Computingp-21-01

A study from Microsoft released in June 2013 highlighted significant benefits in Cloud Computing Adoption.

Benefits (of the cloud)

Time saved managing IT (51 percent) and fewer internal IT resources needed (50 percent) were considered the biggest benefits of cloud services by SMBs.
94 percent of SMBs have experienced security benefits in the cloud that they didn’t have with their on-premises service, such as up-todate systems, up-to-date antivirus protection and spam email management.
91 percent of SMBs said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.
75 percent of SMBs that use the cloud have experienced improved service availability since moving to the cloud.
Nearly all SMBs that use the cloud (91 percent) said their cloud provider made it easier for their organization to meet compliance obligations.
75 percent of SMBs that use the cloud said they experienced improved service availability.

Reinvestment (of savings as a result of using the cloud)

One-half of SMBs that use the cloud have been able to pursue new opportunities because of time saved managing security in the cloud.
70 percent of SMBs have reinvested money saved as a result of moving to the cloud in areas such as product development and innovation, marketing, and expanding into new markets.
Improving customer service (36 percent) was cited as the main
savings reinvestment for SMBs that have adopted the cloud.