Cymax Business IT Solutions: An Overview

For the past two decades, Cymax has been focused on solving the unique digital challenges faced by our clients. Instead of just fixing what’s broken, we take a proactive approach and address all those “what if we could…?” questions. We’re amongst the leading IT companies in Brisbane because we consistently provide real, measurable benefits to our valued clients. Our team are experts in preventing interruptions before they occur, and identifying opportunities for improvement and streamlining.

To us, providing solution-based IT consulting means making each aspect of computing and networks more efficient, intuitive and reliable for all stakeholders. We confidently tackle problems, using smart system planning and flexible delivery to eliminate hassles that many of our clients had considered unavoidable. From improving staff and contractor mobility, to reducing electricity draw, to dramatically enhancing data security, we can do it all.

With our head office based in Brisbane, IT solutions we provide span Australia wide and include options for securing and future-proofing your organisation, as well as streamlining your operations. We’re more than just your IT company, we’re your partners in business growth.

Read on to find out how our business IT services in Brisbane and around the country could boost your bottom line.




Benefits to your organisation:

End-to-End Management by Cymax Improved Security with no servers on site
Local – Australian Based Servers Reduction in Electricity Consumption
Flexible – Ease of Scalability Avoid Invaluable Data Loss
Reduced technology TCO Turn lost Floorspace into a productive work area
24/7 Remote Access to your systems and data Business Grade Security Standard*


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Confused about the cloud? no need to be, it could be thought of as the next stage in the evolution of the Internet.
Cymax will manage the whole cloud solution end-to-end. That means no risk, no loss of productivity just uninterrupted business performance 24/7.



“Being in the cloud meant exponential gains in our situation”

Chris Kirkby Artdeco Creations

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The cloud provides the means through which everything – from computing power to business processes to personal
collaboration – is ready, available and delivered as a service, wherever and whenever you need it. Cloud computing
is arguably the most important technology initiative in business today.

Read the CIO article on how Cloud helps cut costs and boosts profits

“We knew moving to the Cloud with Cymax would save us dollars on operating costs,
but i would also say it’s great to no longer have any concerns over data loss due to natural
or man-made disasters; what’s more we’ve become more productive, as we can access vital
information securely from anywhere” 

Gavin McDonald, Director, Time Sentry Solutions

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The cloud is enhancing the way businesses gain access to sophisticated services online and positively transforming
the speed and agility of business without increasing capital expenditures. With the cloud, everything becomes
a service so that companies can innovate, scale and develop new initiatives without massive upfront investment.

“…we could literally save a significant capital outlay and get even greater
performance by moving into the cloud”

Mike Wilson, Wilson Accounting

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Cloud computing offers new and unique business benefits and is no longer an early adopter technology. Thousands
of businesses of all sizes are turning to the cloud because it reduces costs, assets, maintenance and enhances
productivity and data security. Get on the cloud with Cymax.

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What is ‘the Cloud’? and how might a Cloud Solution benefit your business?
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Read the CIO article on how Cloud helps cut costs and boosts profits

‘Cymax – Your Peace of Mind Cloud Partner’

*Most Cloud Technology Infrastructures are public. Cymax Cloud Infrastructure is private, meaning the solution is operated from the local Cymax datacentre to the highest levels of security.


Trusted Business IT Solutions

By working with leading manufactures with a proven record of reliable products & after sales support
we are able to provide you with infrastructure focused on business outcomes.

“Based on our conservative estimate of improved productivity of 30 minutes per day per employee, we calculate that the agency is now saving over $100,000 a year using the firewall implemented by Cymax”

Gabby O’ Carroll Administration Manager Ray White Ascot



Email Archiving for Businesses

Email is a primary means for communicating with people inside and outside of your organization. Most of your customers use e-mail to negotiate contracts and agreements and exchange invoices and payment information.
Very often, email messages are the only record you have of important transactions.

MAR business

Unfortunately, many organizations underestimate the depth and breadth of information that is stored in their corporate email. According to Osterman research, email contains nearly 75% of the information that individuals use on a daily basis. The amount of corporate knowledge stored in corporate email is enough to justify its safekeeping but many organizations are still finding it hard to accept the need for an industrial strength email archiving solution. After all, they point out, we always have backups. It is not that simple.

Why Should Your Business Archive Email?

The reasons for email archiving and email management can vary widely by business focus. What is certain is that a company can never know what email trail it will be called upon to produce at a future date for any reason. It may be as simple as a good sales presentation and a list of qualified leads or as thorny as a legal debate that could cost the company thousands of dollars in legal fees and fines.

Access to Old and Deleted Emails

Traditional backup solutions that restore systems if you have a catastrophic outage are not really suitable for the purpose of finding past emails. They are not easy to access,nor easy to search once made accessible, nor safeguarded from tampering. With an email archiving solution management and employees can search for, and retrieve old or deleted email in minutes, without IT intervention or putting your backups at risk.

Storage Problems

The volume of email generated on a daily basis is a problem for IT administrators. As employees send and receive more emails with larger attachments, storage space on the server starts running out. If server quotas are cannot be increased, then emails must be stored in PST files on workstations or a network share, creating more IT headaches. With an email archiving solution, all emails are stored off the server yet easily accessible. The problems associated with PST files simply go away.

Legal Safeguard for Email Compliance

Legislation in many countries has been amended to include email along with written or printed data in legal retention regulations. While legal and finance companies have very specific email compliance regulations your business needs to consider its own email retention policy. The inability to produce an email trail when needed, for example as evidence in a court case , could result in fines, court sanctions and loss of credibility. With an email archiving solution, all corporate email is stored safely in a tamper proof environment and accessible within minutes, making it easier for that company to find valuable internal data, defend itself in a court of law or simply prove compliance with applicable regulations.

Ability to Manage or Monitor Employee Email

Most companies do not monitor what email is being sent or received by their employees. Although corporate email should be used solely for company business, there are times when management may need to monitor an employee’s email activity. With an email archiving solution, management can assign permissions for department heads to check on emails being sent by individuals. Should the unpleasant need for internal
investigations arise, with an email archiving solution your company will be ready.

Email archiving is no longer an expense but a justified cost of doing business. It’s an insurance policy against possible legal or compliance repercussion. Companies that use an archiving solution report that the benefits surpass their expectations in a number of unexpected ways.

There is an enormous amount of legislation, and a growing number of compliance regulations that organizations need to be aware of. It is beyond the scope of this document to list each one here, however, the following links will provide you with a summary of legislation in particular countries. These are the regulations that stipulate, directly or indirectly, the need for email retention; who is affected by these
regulations and how; and the penalties at risk for non-compliance.

Email Archiving Software for Small and Medium-size Enterprises

Email is critical to your business communications, but it brings with it a host of new problems – dealing with storage limits, periodic backups, problematic PST files, access to old emails and regulatory compliance or eDiscovery requests just to name a few. Failure to address these problems effectively can bring serious repercussions.

GFI MailArchiver is an email archiving software that is the single solution source for your email management problems on Exchange Server. With thousands of customers, it is a leading email archiving solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. GFI MailArchiver is used by administrators all over the world to maintain an archive of all corporate email correspondence, significantly reduce the demands on the Exchange server, manage and reduce the company’s dependency on PST files and also to meet a growing number of regulations on compliance, eDiscovery and other legislation. The product is easy to install, requires little administrative effort, and ships at highly competitive pricing.

The GFI MailArchiver end-user interface has been localized in various languages to allow for ease-of-use when searching for archived emails. Meanwhile, the GFI MailArchiver Administration Console is available in English, German and Italian.

With GFI MailArchiver your email worries are over. All email is stored in a central location, easily accessible in two ways: through a folder in your user’s Outlook email client (including Outlook 2010); or by using a web browser. We integrate closely with Outlook in a first-in-its-class manner, avoiding the use of stub files which other products use.

Using the auditing function, you can readily access any email needed for eDiscovery/email compliance purposes and you can guarantee that these emails have not been tampered with. To find out how email archiving can affect you, select one of the following documents.

Email archiving for:

  • Network Administrators
  • Educational Institutions
  • Other Businesses

With GFI MailArchiver, your company benefits from:

  • Access to emails if required for eDiscovery and email compliance purposes, internal
    inquiries and employee monitoring
  • A safeguard in customer complaints and lawsuits
  • Auditing functionality that ensures stored emails are genuine and have not been tampered with
  • A complete and secure archive of all company email

With GFI MailArchiver, network administrators can:

  • Allow users to access their emails from Outlook, including Outlook 2010, without the problems associated
    with stub files on Exchange
  • Reduce your message store size and improve Exchange performance
  • Reduce reliance on cumbersome PST files
  • Archive past, present and future emails into one or multiple databases and avoid complex backup
    plans to copy PST files from each employee’s workstation
  • Email retention policies that are intuitive to set up and fine-tune
  • End-users can restore any deleted emails themselves thus reducing the load on administrators

With GFI MailArchiver, employees can:

  • Benefit from an unlimited mailbox size even with Exchange mailbox quotas in effect
  • Instantly access archived email directly from Outlook, including Outlook 2010, or using the GFI
    MailArchiver web interface
  • Retrieve old and deleted emails on demand, with full thread and conversation
  • Use advanced email search and ‘Saved Search’ capabilities
  • Simply drag-and-drop from the Outlook Connector to restore an email deleted by mistake – no
    need to go through help desk

Why Choose GFI MailArchiver?

  • Outlook integration, allowing for fast and easy access to archived emails by employees
  • Archive emails centrally for compliance purposes, eDiscovery and internal investigations
  • Back up emails in a way that they can be easily searched and restored in original format
  • Offload emails from MS Exchange Server and increase server efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance associated with PST files
  • Tested and proven: used by tens of thousands of IT administrators