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Cyber Security: Removing of Ransomware Attack

managed it services brisbane 

Cyber Security: Removing of Ransomware Attack

Following the most recent cyberattackthat shook the entire world, IT software engineers the world over are working feverishly to get their security systems and data centres up and running. The largest ransomware attack in the history of the internet, known as “WannaCry”, has spread like wildfire, victimising superpower countries, China, India, Australia, USA, UK, Spain, Russia, and Italy.

This particular attack, called WannaCry, is no ordinary malware. Hackers behind it demanded virtual currency (called Bitcoins) from respective companies to recover ransomed and encrypted files giving them access again to their valued data hence, the name “ransomware”.

The important question now is: How can I avoid a ransomware attack?

Invest in top-notch, fully-featured cyber security.

If you don’t want hackers to gain access to your data and business operations, don’t take your cyber security for granted. It’s a matter of recognising the importance of your company’s data. In business, your data and your client details are your business, this is something where compromise is not an option. You should also be on the lookout for high performing features such as anti-exploit technology and ransomware blocking to shield your company data and programs. Case in point: top-notch, fully-featured cyber security program, Malwarebytes 3 Pentium, could protect its customers from the recent Wanna Cry attack.

Employ IT Support.

Given how powerful these cyberattacks can be, it is crucial for a company to employ IT support services Brisbane. Firstly, you want to keep all of your programs, systems and hardware updated regularly to prevent any future vulnerabilities. Microsoft software, for instance, launched an update for better security a couple of months back. However, there were many users who didn’t install the update, leaving their systems vulnerable to this massive cyberattack. Constantly updating your systems can be a tedious thing to do however, it is a must-do to give your systems the best security against these attacks. Keep in mind that the hack will compromise your files and entire systems. Employ a hardworking team of IT consultants Brisbane for the perfect solution.

Be cyber-cautious.

The internet is not immune to crime, and Wanna Cry is a prime example of how crime is affecting the online world. It’s important to practice caution in whatever you put on the internet. Stay informed. Read up on recent cyber attacks, scams, and phishing campaigns. Learn to distinguish an authority website from a suspicious one. Cyber criminals are becoming more and more creative when it comes to executing their attacks. Heavily based on social engineering, some of these may seem gimmicky and suspicious at first glance while others present a high-quality facsimile that at times deceives even the experts. One simple yet helpful tip: If the email or link looks suspicious, don’t open any attachments or click on any internal links.

Make Regular Secure Backups.

The process of securing backups is an essential step in providing further protection from a malware crisis. You should schedule regular (talk to your IT specialist Brisbane to discuss a frequency that suits your business) backups both locally and on cloud storage devices. If you want to go for cloud storage, a server with top-level encryption, as well as multi-factor authentication is highly recommended. Choose the best cloud services Brisbane.


No one person or business is one hundred percent immune from Ransomware attacks. Remember your cyber security is only as good as your efforts in cybercrime prevention. We hope you find these ransomware prevention tips helpful in resolving future cyber attacks. For further advice please call us to discuss tailoring cyber security to your needs.

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