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Server Technologies to watch out for in 2017

managed services brisbane 

Server Technologies to watch out for in 2017

Technologies march into the future is not only constant, it’s also gaining pace. Businesses and enterprises are seeing an exponential growth in demand for server speed, storage size, data security, and reliability. Demanding the latest server technologies provide greater cost and time efficiencies. This year, IT companies Brisbane are expecting computing technologies and strategies to do more with less hardware and software. Cloud services Brisbane are also monitoring the emerging trends in data centre infrastructures. Let’s go over some of these server technology trends in more detail.

IT Automation

Manually creating and correcting scripts poses a threat to IT support services Brisbane in terms of continuity and the speed at which they can be actioned. When a senior IT employee leaves a company, it can cause havoc to the consistency and accuracy left behind for IT specialists who take their place. This problem has encouraged the faster adoption of predominantly automated IT framework and uses the IT professionals to monitor the system.


The bring-your-own-device or BYOD system is now a dominant trend among modern enterprises and small companies. However, the lack of resources and a steady IT team makes it difficult for the framework to prosper due to the varying operating systems and wide range of devices. Due to these issues, both security and productivity are compromised. In 2017, data segregation is expected to solve this problem, completely splitting up personal applications and business data despite being installed on the same device.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

A bitter-sweet server technology set to emerge this year is the adoption of artificial intelligence on a large scale. It’s been years since we entered the digital age, and the fear of manual job replacement is now at an all-time high. It is believed that within the next 4-5 years, America – for example – will witness artificial intelligence replacing 6 percent of the current manual jobs. These smart agents will be moving into a more cognitive approach in data analysis, request and command interpretation, as well as trigger decision-making influences.

Faster Storage with NVM Express

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is set to be applied in storage devices, providing better hardware and software performance for corporations and enterprises. NVMe boasts a much lower latency, and improved Input/output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and bandwidth, a desired property in database applications.

Increased Power Efficiencies

For an enterprise that runs on large-scale computing applications such as giant data centres, waste power reduction, space and cooling are just some of the major concerns to be dealt with. Traditional power supplies don’t cut it anymore. With the introduction of Gallium Nitride integrated circuitries to power these macro-companies, we will be seeing increased power efficiencies in 2017 and in many years to come. How it will be implemented will be an interesting showcase of using technological advancement to reduce our carbon footprint.


To sum up, these relatively new server technologies will be changing the game of technology integration in both a personal and corporate setting. Focused on the improvement of macro companies and corporate frameworks, these massive displays of innovation and evolution are truly something to look forward to, not just in 2017 but in the years to come.

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