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Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing

A significant amount of processing power generated by computers has not quenched our thirst for speed and computing capacity. Enter the world of Quantum computing. Quantum computing harnesses the power of molecules and atoms to perform processing and memory tasks. Quantum computers have the potential to perform calculations much faster than any silicon-based computer.

Scientists have built a basic quantum computer that can perform precise calculations. Computers, as we know them now have been around for a good part of the 20th century, but quantum computing was only theorised around 30 years ago. Paul Benioff is the physicist credited with applying quantum theory to computers in 1981.

Like a Turing Machine, computers today work by manipulating bits that exist in a single state of 0 or 1. The difference with quantum computers is that they are not limited to these two states, they encode information as quantum bits which exist in superposition.

The bits or qubits (pronounced q-bits) are a representation of ions, atoms, electrons and photons and their respective control devices working together to act as a processor and computer memory. A quantum computer has the potential to be considerably stronger than our most powerful supercomputers today due to their simultaneous multiple states.

Superposition of qubits gives quantum computers their inherent parallelism which allows a computer to work on a million computations at once. Quantum computing equals the processing power of a conventional computer that runs at 10 trillion floating point operations per second. Which is different from conventional desktops that operate at speeds of billions of floating point operations per second.

Quantum systems enable us to include the complexity instead of using shortcuts that reduce efficiency. In medicine, quantum computers will allow us to map proteins as we map genes today. Quantum computers will be used to explore genomes giving us the ability to create more efficient therapies.

Quantum programming is more intriguing with the ability to write programs in a new and different way. Quantum computing will help train artificial intelligence to reflect human thoughts and processes more thoroughly than is possible with conventional computing improving accuracy and minimize mistakes.

The computers will help our technology to develop something like intuition which determines something is not okay even if they can’t show exactly why.

Highly trained individuals can now translate real world problems into understandable language easily understood by quantum computers, even though the technology is out of reach, this is rapidly changing.

A universal quantum computer will represent one of the major milestones in the history of ICT and will solve problems we could never solve with today’s supercomputers.

Cymax Brisbane, in the future, will offer you the latest developments and an opportunity to access the quantum cloud services as they come available.

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