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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

As technology becomes ever more advanced and our lives become more web connected, criminals are becoming even more tech savvy. People find it much harder to obtain and understand the correct information to protect themselves. We could rely on the government to enact laws to regulate and restrict cyber activity but then, where’s our freedom? We cannot trade freedom for security.

We could read books and articles to help us better understand how to defend ourselves from cyber criminals but they only tell us what to do, not how cyber security can help or how the criminals obtain our private data.

The Internet forms a massive part of technical infrastructure growth and development. Today, the trend towards digitisation is growing due of the omnipresent nature of information and communication technology. The ever-rising demand for computer connectivity to the internet has led to the integration of this technology into products traditionally without it.

Such examples include electricity supply, buildings, cars, transportation infrastructure, wearables, and virtually all modern services that depend on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Cymax provides cyber security solutions in Brisbane, playing a significant role in Internet services and the ongoing development of information technology. Protecting critical information infrastructure and enhancing cyber security is essential to both a countries safety and economic well-being.

Making the internet safe and protecting its users is key to the development of new services as well as government policy. Doing this while maintaining a users freedom is the current challenge. Deterring cybercrime is a crucial component of cybersecurity and critical information infrastructure protection strategy.

The motivations behind cybercrimes vary greatly. Some of the criminals are activists or they are looking for financial gain while still others are thrill seekers and vandals.

Attacks and Vulnerabilities of Cybercrime.

Many vulnerabilities get recorded in the vulnerabilities and exposure database. IT companies in Brisbane like Cymax help to secure your computer system through an understanding of the possible attacks against it. These threats are classified in categories as follows:

Backdoor: This is an algorithm or cryptosystem or a secret way of bypassing normal security controls and authentication. This can occur for several reasons like poor configuration or poor original design. Sometimes they are added by attackers for malicious purposes or by authorised people to allow legitimate access. The existence of backdoors creates vulnerabilities regardless of the motives.

Denial of service attack: These are programmed to make a network (or machine resources) unavailable to the intended users. It’s created by deliberately entering the wrong password consecutive times to lock the victim’s account.

Direct access attacks: Unauthorised users gain access to a computer to copy data from it directly. They can compromise computer security by modifying the operating systems and installing software worms, covert listening devices, key loggers and wireless mice.

Spoofing: Is sending communication from an unknown source but disguised as a familiar source to the receiver. It’s most common in communication mechanisms that don’t have a high-security level.

Phishing: Is attempting to acquire sensitive information like passwords usernames and credit card information from users. Conducted through instant messaging, and email spoofing which requires users to fill details by visiting a fake website identical to a legitimate one.

IT consultants give reasonable estimates of the financial impact of security breaches that help organisations make rational decisions about investments.

Cymax Brisbane IT consultants recommend countermeasures that are necessary for combating cyber-crimes. This is achieved by using techniques, devices, and actions making systems less vulnerable and greatly reducing the chance of any form of threat.

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