Future of Online Security in Australia

Future of Online Security in Australia

With the passage of time, cybercrime is becoming a multimilliondollar business. Only in Australia, according to the statistics, the money involved in cybercrime is escalatingto billions of dollars. The world is changing, and with it so is the internet. Like the world around us, the internet is continuously creating new businesses and social opportunities in Australia. In such a situation, the increasing volume and depth of corporate and individual data make it a more rewarding target for espionage and cyber crooks.

What weexpect fromthe Government and its actual role in Cyber Security

Respondents expect legacy governmental and regulatory policies will continue to be counterproductive.Experts often talk about the application of technologies such as theInternet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain. In this respect, government officials emphasise the collaborative effort of both the government and private sector. According to them, understanding and dealing with threats of online security are paramount and a collective effort is required to deal with this issue.

Meeting future security concerns

The main problem is businesses are focusing too heavily on collecting the data but not securing it. Some of the factors exacerbating the problem include neglecting to encrypt stored data and lack of end-to-end encryption. According to the statistics, 90 percent of online security breaches could have been avoided and 29 percent of the security breaches were caused by employees maliciously or accidentally.

Role of managed IT service

If you’re running a company in Brisbane, hiring a Managed IT service can help your business in many ways:

Stay updated – If you hire IT Managed services in Brisbane, you’ll automatically get all the updates and upgrades for your computer, software and networking.No hassle, no worry – all automatic.

Back up – The Brisbane based Managed IT service for your company will manage backup scheduling, backup reporting, and confirming the backups are recoverable.

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