5 of the Biggest Security Threats of 2017

5 of the Biggest Security Threats of 2017

Security concerns became a serious concern in 2017. In recent years, we have been faced with issues such as malware, password breaches and stolen credit card details. However, in 2017 the headlines were dominated by more sobering concerns. Following are 5 examples of the biggest security threats experienced in 2017, showing the types of threats that may impact your privacy in the upcoming years.

Vault7 Leaks and Shadow Brokers

In 2017, two major leaks exposed the cyber security of U.S. Government. Wiki leaks with the release of ‘Vault7 leaks’ revealed the vulnerabilities of computer cache and operating methods used by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). After that, a group of hackers in April 2017released a trove of attack tools associated with America’s NSA (National Security Agency). Both leaks will have significant impact on cyber security in the upcoming years.

Corrupted versions of CCleaner

Cisco Talos security researchers found malicious code in CCleaner, utility program used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer.

This malware was supposed to steal the personal data from an infected system. An estimated 2 million customers were affected by this version of CCleaner.However, Avast (the creator of CCleaner and an internet security software provider) is trying to avoid such a situation occurring again, but who knows.

Hewlett Packard (HP) laptops with keyloggers

It started in May 2017 when a firm from Switzerland discovered that more than two dozen HP laptops were recording the userskeystrokes. They found the laptop’s audio driver contained the key logging software. It was supposed to react when a specific key was hit but it was capturing all the keystrokes. Those keystrokes were recorded in an unencrypted file. This scenario could easily expose usernames, passwords and other confidential information.


Content delivery network CloudflareInc. was hit by a significant bug that affected the way the organisation parsed HTML. The company turns the HTTP pages into more secure HTTPS pages. They also deal in hiding email addresses, and content from bots. However, due to the bug, sensitive information such as private messages of dating chats, passwords and text messages from popular sites were exposed.

Power outrage Ukraine

According to the cyber security researchers, the biggest power outrage in Ukraine was caused by hacking. It was second time the country was hit by hackers. This is noted as a top five security breach as this could happen anywhere in the world. This shows there is a dire need to increase the effectiveness of cyber security.


These cyber security threats and breaches highlight the fact we still have quite a way to go in securing our sensitive and private data. Businesses need secured IT management to help avoid such events. If you’re looking for Managed IT services in Brisbane, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with effective IT services in Brisbane.

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