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Ways to Be Safe Online

it companies in brisbane

Ways to Be Safe Online

The internet is full of fun and is an amazing source of information, however it has some dangers, dangers we all want to be safe from while surfing the Net. If you listen to news and read headlines, you will be aware that the internet can be a scary place.

Every time you join a room to chat, you may find friendly people, but the individual you are talking to might not be who they claim to be.

Cymax Brisbane can help you protect yourself and your companies computers from the highly sophisticated cyber criminals through doing the following:

Making your password stronger. If you want to prevent people from accessing your data, you need to have a firm lock on the entrance. A strong password will include a mix of lower and upper case letters, special characters, and digits. Your password must at least be eight (8) characters long, and they should not be words like your high school mascot or a pet name. Also we recommend you use different passwords for each account.

Change your password regularly. A very common mistake made by internet users is creating one strong password, and never changing it and then using it across several accounts. Managing a complex number of passwords is a pain, but no password is unbreakable. If you decide to use them for several accounts this can invite a catastrophic hack. We suggest using password managing software to keep your passwords safe and secure.

Regularly clear your browsers cache. You should do this for all the devices. Every time you use a browser, it keeps track of what you’ve done and where you’ve been. This is beneficial to you as it allows the website to know who you are, however, if your password security is not adequate, this can be dangerous.

Avoid using free Wi-Fi if you can. The increasing number of bars, cafes, stores, parklands, and other places offer free Wi-Fi to data-hungry mobile users, often without network secure passwords. The free wireless access to the Internet may be convenient, but they may be an open door to your device.

Always use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). A standard link to a website is HTTP, this is fine if you are just browsing the site but once you need to enter personal information the URL must include the “S” representing the information transfer is encrypted and authenticated.

Take care when it comes to flash drives. Flash drives are known to spread malware and viruses without you knowing it. Every time before you plug a drive into your computer, think about the chain of users who have preceded you.

Examine what you click. One favorite and fruitful way to infect your computer and an entire network is through phishing. The type of hack starts when an individual opens an email attachment that appears legitimate, then infecting the user’s computer with no immediate indication at all. Avoid clicking on files and websites you didn’t request and don’t know.

Finally, make sure you use Cymax for your IT support services Brisbane to get Internet security protection. We will provide you with the best advice, and give you excellent ways to keep one step ahead of hackers.

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