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Tips on How to Stay Safe While Browsing the Internet

it solutions brisbane

Tips on How to Stay Safe While Browsing the Internet

Your computer can face threats whenever you browse the web. These threats include viruses, spyware, malware and much more. With this, your personal information might be at risk too. The good news is that you can do something about it.

Take the Time to Know the Scams

Keep an eye on the blogs and scam websites that will keep you informed about the dangerous content on the Internet, follow the news and check with your ISP for any updates they have on the current scams and related dangerous sites.

ALWAYS Think Before You Click

If you don’t know the source/person sending a link or file never click on them. These are called phishing emails and they have links/files that lead to websites that can lure you into giving personal information or automatically download malware to your computer. Hackers can create a malicious email that looks like it came from a legitimate source. Always check the email address behind the email alias to ensure it’s from who it claims to be from.

Only Shop/Provide Personal Details on HTTPS Secured Websites.

Websites that use HTTPS are much more secure, as they have a SSL certificate that encrypts all the information shared between your device and their servers. Any information you provide to a site you’ve visited will be confidential and reliable. Not all websites have it, check the URL for HTTPS in the web address bar (the S stands for Secure and indicates the SSL is installed and active).

Keep your Browser up to Date

It is important to keep your browser updated. The companies who created the browser will have regular updates that fix problems and vulnerabilities found in the software. There are many kinds of security threats that can be an issue when browsing the web. Usually viruses, phishing sites and other sorts of malware.

Online Shops

Online shopping are sites that must have the HTTPS secure SSL certificate installed. You are providing your personal and payment information so be diligent.


Don’t use the “MyName1999” password, while these are easy to remember they are too easy to guess and as a result reduce the security of your private information. At Cymax we recommend using an extremely secure one that uses a good combination of upper and lowercase characters, multiple random numerals, special characters, and short phrases are ok as part of a secure password. We recommend you regularly change passwords and don’t use the same passwords for critical accounts. For more tips on how to create strong passwords, go to

Get Expert Advice

Last but far from least we cannot recommend enough the value of knowledge and experience. One of the leading IT service providers in Brisbane is Cymax. At Cymax we provide high quality IT support, implementation and management of hardware, software, and databases. We will help you ensure your data will be safer and meet submission requirements.

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