How to pitch investing in the cloud to your CFO

How to pitch investing in the cloud to your CFO

It efforts have a strong impact on the bottom line of your business, and with technology rapidly expanding, it’s important to keep on top of the latest and greatest options available. From software through to hardware, there’s always something that’s hit the market that could provide your organisation with considerable amounts of benefits. One most commonly in the spotlight is cloud computing which, unfortunately, is often overlooked by CFOs of large scale businesses.

Luckily, there are a few handy tips to follow when gearing up to pitch this solution to your CFO.

1. Know their position
There’s no point consulting with the CFO of your company if you don’t actually understand their role, or the priorities and objectives it involves. Take the time to evaluate their responsibilities and their methods towards improving the organisation’s financial processes.

2. Know the specific benefits for the company
Whilst cloud computing may have helped many other businesses to access advantages and better their productivity rates, it’s imperative that you position your case to demonstrate how it can improve your workplace. Where is your company headed and how will this solution help you get there?

3. Evaluate existing systems
The best way to present a strong case for a new way of doing things is to highlight where the current method isn’t working or is inefficient. Explain to your CFO the current opportunities to enhance certain aspects, including all software, hardware and systems. Show them why a new one needs to be implemented and the benefits you stand to achieve. One key thing here may be to highlight how Cloud Computing will allow your team to do more…. or deliver on shorter timeframes as a result of Cloud Computing.

4. Do your homework
Gather as much information as you can on cloud computing and prepare a detailed plan that gives an insight into both short and long term goals and benefits for the company. How will this solution help to achieve them? What obstacles might arise? How can they be overcome? You need to show your CFO that you’ve considered the possibility of corporate challenges.

5. Introduce the technical language
It’s important to show your CFO that you can speak their language, but it’s also important to show that you can still maintain your own. Your expertise reside in IT, so explain to them in terms that they will understand, the technical side of implementing cloud technologies and the benefits of the investment.

By approaching your CFO with respect, a professional manner and a plan that’s been carefully thought out, pitching the idea of cloud computing can be less daunting. They may even surprise you with their own individual knowledge on the topic – show them how it can be put to good use.

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