Drive Flooded?

Drive Flooded?

Has Your Hard Drive Been Damaged in the Floods?

We have received a number of requests for help and information at this time of recovery and repair from the terrible flooding events in Queensland and Victoria.

Here is some good advice from the Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery experts.

  1. Do not attempt to power up equipment damaged by water.
    If water has infiltrated the hard drive or electrical components, electrical power can leave the hard drive unrecoverable and it can become dangerous to anyone handling the hard drive.
  2. Do Not Dry the Hard Drive
    Whenever media is damaged by water, the first instinct to remedy the situation and try and dry it out. However, the contaminants contained in water are often not visible to the human eye and will damage the media irrevocably. Residue left on the hard drive platters and circuit board corrosion will need to be treated by in-lab professional engineers.
  3. Keep the hard disk wet until you get professional help.
    Although it sounds paradoxical [crazy], keeping a hard drive wet aids the data recovery. Kroll Ontrack recommends placing the hard disk in a sealed container or plastic bag to prevent it drying out until professional engineers can dry the platters and other components in a sterile environment.
  4. Never assume that data is unrecoverable

No matter what it has been through data can sometimes still be recovered. Amongst the most remarkable case histories is NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia hard drive which plunged into a lake after travelling for 39 miles through space. Kroll Ontrack engineers managed to recover 99 per cent of the information stored on the drive.

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