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Data security breaches and Public Wi-Fi What you need to know and Safety Tips

it solutions brisbane

Data security breaches and Public Wi-Fi What you need to know and Safety Tips

Connectivity to the World Wide Web has become a necessary evil for virtually all businesses in the world today, and with it comes technicalities that require expert handling. A breach of your businesses computer security system is an event many hope doesn’t happen to them.

It usually results in loss of important information to hackers. Worse still, it could mean the loss of control over your very own data to someone you know nothing about. Better protection is provided if you use professional IT support services who can fix these problems and advise on security going forward. Cymax provides a range of support services and advice.

What are some of the things that can lead to data security breaches?

A high percentage of hacker attacks on computer systems is to steal your identity. They could be looking for information that can give them access to your bank accounts or passwords or data that can help them impersonate your social media accounts. People and businesses using public Wi-Fi are usually at high risk of cyber-attack and consequently data theft.

The following system vulnerabilities will put you at a high risk of data theft:
  • Using outdated software such as antivirus, web browsers and operating systems
  • Weak passwords. It’s important to understand what defines a strong password. Strong passwords will not only protect you from general computer hacks but also from email phishing. The basics of a strong password include using upper and lowercase characters, special characters, not using words or people’s names that are easy to guess and keeping your passwords at 10 or more characters
  • Unsolicited downloads which could end up being containing malicious software allowing malware attacks
  • SQL injections. This is a case where cyber criminals use a code to hack data driven computer applications

Cymax as an award winning professional IT company in Brisbane will help you understand what other advanced data security breaches are and how they can be detrimental to your business. But most importantly, Cymax will also provide you the ideal measures to take to secure your business from attacks due to susceptibility when using public networks like WAN and Wi-Fi.

How to stay safe when using Wi-Fi

Everyone loves to use Wi-Fi but it comes with serious risks if you don’t manage your privacy and data the correct way. Computers and mobile devices usually search for public networks like Wi-Fi automatically when automatic search is turned on. This means chances of connecting to a rogue network possibly owned by a hacker is high.

Here are ways to stay protected:
  • As a serious precautionary measure, avoid sensitive browsing. This has to do with browsing through your bank account details and entering financial details when using publicly accessible networks
  • Opt for VPN networks. When using virtual private network systems, your will rarely have to worry about exposing sensitive data to hackers as VPN’s can been configured and encrypted with extra layers of security, not just passwords alone.
  • Web addresses security protocol. It is imperative to ensure that whatever website you open, contains HTTPS and not HTTP. The former extension (with the S) is encrypted to adding another layer of security while you are online.

For further details please contact us at Cymax and one of our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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