Wilson Teis Accounting Case Study

You can relax with the knowledge that your computer systems are being constantly monitored by Cymax for any situation which may disrupt your business productivity. The constant surveillance of your systems are maintained for you through remote monitoring as, well as an option for regular site visits by Cymax expert technical staff, who will proactively provide a solution to potential disruptions to your business. Cymax are all about providing consistency and this means no cost spikes just expected service delivery for a fair price.

“…we could literally save a significant capital outlay and get even greater
performance by moving into the cloud


Queensland based, Wilson Teis Accountants have been operating with SME businesses for over ten years. Contact with clients, ASIC, Taxation and Government departments has evolved to become largely electronic in recent years. “There has been a massive increase in downloading information, forwarding and submitting data files and reports and lodging with the likes of ATO electronically” says Mike Wilson, Principal of Wilson Teis. This naturally places more emphasis, reliance and value on the performance of the firm’s technology infrastructure. “We need to have the utmost confidence in our IT, we know we literally could not operate without a reliable computer system and our electronic contact with the outside world” iterates Mike.

Speaking in terms of reliance, that’s exactly what Wilson Teis has done for over ten years with Cymax. According to Mike the firm’s technology needs have grown more sophisticated as the partnership journey has progressed. “We have had wonderful support over the ten years from Cymax, the provision is more comprehensive and complex these days but nonetheless first-class”. In the last few months Wilson Teis Accounting has looked to Cymax to help them move into the Cloud. Gone are the big clumsy, expensive to maintain servers, instead Wilson simply connects through a local terminal.

It would seem Wilson Teis now has a win-win scenario, being able to do more with less. “Cymax audited our planned level of investment in technology including new servers and it became apparent that we could literally save a significant capital outlay and get even greater performance by moving into the cloud” says Mike.  Wilson Teis have benefited not just in terms of cost savings but with operational advantages from being Cloud powered. “We can log on interstate and work seamlessly, just as though we are in the office. This allied to the impressive speed of being in the cloud has greatly empowered our business” said Mike.

Data security is important to any business but none more so that a Accountancy practice. Some business owners struggle with the concept of data not being stored and run from a server box that they can physically see. However, according to Mike this factor is actually a key strength. “Our back up  measures are many orders of magnitude better than before we went into the cloud, plus we have experts in control of data security which is such a vital part of the equation” he says. Of course confidence also comes into effect when dealing with a technology provider with strong reputation. Also, it would seem Cymax have gone the extra mile to ensure the transition to the cloud was a smooth one. “Cymax got us in the Cloud without any real issues even opening dialogue with software vendors and they’ve absolutely gained my trust and earned their credibility throughout with expert delivery”says Mike.

By moving to the Cloud it could be said Wilson Teis Accounting have taken the necessary steps to future proof their business in a competitive sector. Part of the key to this strategy is being able to offer customers something valuable they could not previously do “being in the cloud means we have the firepower to do so much more in our business, for example clients can now upload data files onto our network” he says. The high level of service Wilson Teis provide for their clients is critical for their well-being as a business entity and Mike Wilson stresses that they have come to expect the same from their technology provider, “Cymax are a very important part of our high quality service delivery and ultimately they represent a key to our success” he says.  For Wilson Teis it looks as though all the numbers add up for a bright future in the Cymax Phoenix Cloud.

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