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Case Study

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St Leo's College

Case Study

St Leo's College

Enduring business partnerships enable seamless IT solutions

Progressive thinking but encumbering ICT

Bespoke solution for reliable, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure



In order to improve and grow, an organisation needs a solid and reliable IT structure that enables change and progression.

St Leo’s College at the University of Queensland was seeking IT services and products that were in line with their growth strategy, and a solution that would provide an agile, reliable and scalable platform for future growth.

Their existing IT services and products were preventing them from delivering the level of service they intended and the opportunity for growth was restrictive.

When IT services are limiting

Peter Quinlan, Deputy CEO, St Leo’s College said being in a co-op with eight other colleges posed many disadvantages.

“Among these, we didn’t have the level of control we wanted, or enough power for the required Wi-Fi…coverage was poor,” Peter explained.

Following a review of their ICT needs, it was determined they required:

  • A stable and comprehensive IT platform to meet the College’s future direction for growth and improved services
  • A provider with the appropriate resourcing to support, develop and maintain this platform
  • A solution that was flexible and that could be modified as St Leo’s needs changed

The gap with their current service capabilities and what they needed was identified and clear. Next was to exit the co-op and migrate to an IT provider that allowed the College to streamline services and identify opportunities for improvement.

“We wanted state of the art that didn’t cost the earth. We also wanted to be in control of our own IT strategic direction verse the co-op situation with eight other Colleges that was supported by one ICT provider, whose only clients were the nine Colleges,” Peter said.

Prior to migrating, St Leo’s wanted to be sure they were moving to a provider who was aware of emerging resources, technologies and appropriately resourced to meet their needs – Cymax was well placed to meet these demands.

Out with the old, in with the new

Peter said they knew what they wanted to achieve but didn’t know how to achieve it. Sean was able to develop the technical solutions, and advise what they needed to do and by when – objectives were clear, measureable and in line with their goals.

“Cymax understands the commercial requirements of business and is learning the nuances applicable to the College. Sean and is his team were able to match our requirements with the appropriate IT resources and explained what was required in terms a ‘non-ICT specialist’ could understand.”

St Leo’s have engaged Cymax to manage of all their Managed IT Services including upgrades to software, maintaining the networking, implementing software and support. Cymax also provides Disaster Recovery Testing and Solutions, Cloud Solutions and IT Support.

Improved ICT – more scope and opportunity for growth

“With Cymax, we now have access to a broad service base and a better resourced provider with 24 hour support in the chance we need it – previously there was generally a single point of contact only. Cymax enables more scope and opportunity for growth. They really understood what we needed.”

In terms of how the investment measures against the outcome, Peter said they are satisfied they have made the right choice and investment.

“I’d certainly recommend them. They’ve exceeded our expectations as they’ve created a bespoke solution for us.”

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