Case Study

Sardik Engineering

Case Study

Sardik Engineering

Enduring business partnerships enable seamless IT solutions

Sardik Engineering General Manager, Barbara Cush explains that Sardik have been in the business of providing high quality industrial mixing equipment and services for over 60 years. Incredibly, many of Sardik’s customers are the same companies that they supplied all those years ago. Being able to withstand wild economic and climatic changes is all part of the Sardik story.

Maintaining a long-standing reputation based on good engineering design practices, innovation anduninterrupted service is essential for the business. Sardik operates in a niche that is almost entirely resistantto competitive activity, such is the strength of the product and it’s well-earned service delivery character.50% of Sardik’s products are exported overseas and every piece of equipment is considered a ‘one-off’.Sardik must comply with the standards set by the importing company.

Barbara outlined that Sardik came into contact with Cymax in quite unusual circumstances “During therecent Queensland floods our premises went under 18ft of water, this could have spelled disaster for ourbusiness and our customers”. During this time, Cymax Director Sean Dendle had made it known that theywould like to help businesses affected by the floods and Barbara got in touch. ‘The help’ came in the form of Cymax providing Sardik with administration premises and the necessary IT infrastructure hardware andservices needed to keep the company running.

Barbara Cush is in no doubt that Cymax came to the rescue “Cymax made business continuity the priorityand kept us going, meaning our customers weren’t disadvantaged as a result of our misfortune with theflooding”. The goodwill also extended beyond the set-up scenario with Cymax ensuring that all staff members could remotely go about their daily business. “We got all the support we required to see us through such difficult circumstances, this means we decided to appoint Cymax to become our trusted technology partner permanently” said Barbara.

Cymax have installed new computers at Sardik and upgraded software security systems. The team ensured that Sardik employees were able to quickly get online again. Cymax are moving Sardik to a point where natural disasters like the Queensland floods (should they ever happen again) would not affect the company. “Cymax have commited to help us get ‘absolute peace of mind’ by getting us on the cloud, so I never have to worry again about the house burning down and the like” says Barbara. “We are 95% there already” adds Barbara.

Sardik have a mission critical statement around service delivery that asserts they will always provide parts for any of their products regardless of age. Furthermore, all job and customer information is stored electronically meaning Sardik cannot afford to risk losing the information. “We live and die by our data and with Cymax now onboard we feel confident of avoiding any future mishaps” says Barbara. “We have back-ups of back-ups and Cymax showed us how to do them effectively” she added.

With project deadlines driving business efficiency the reliability of technology systems is paramount. Also when things don’t exactly go to plan having a responsive technology support service is essential. When a support request is made to Cymax, an email is generated to advise Sardik that they will be contacted immediately.“They always respond quickly and do what they say they will do” says Barbara. “It’s not just about them doing what’s asked though, Cymax have truly optimized our systems for best performance as well” she said.

The benefits of being able to remotely access vital company information is clearly empowering for Sardik “I can instantly respond to customer enquiries and requests wherever I am meaning our business is more dynamic” says Barabara. She goes on to describe the value Sardik place in their business relationships and communications “We have a very loyal customer base and we continually strive to improve the way we do business and interact, and the technology Cymax have provided is helping us do that” said Barbara.

As technology progresses and helps connect and vitalise businesses like Sardik, relying on a credible provider will be critical “We trust Cymax to be there to guide us on what technology will help us do better business in the future” says Barbara. For a company that is so closely built on its people Sardik recognise exponential value of the partnership with Cymax “They are like part of our family” says Barbara. For a relationship that was built on collaborating through adversity, it seems fair to comment that Cymax have shown their ‘true mettle’ for Sardik Engineering.

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